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ask-charles-bingley asked: My Dear Jane, I am so glad that you are feeling better. Please continue to rest. I do so worry for your health, my darling. I promise that I will return home by the end of May. I would not leave at all, my love, but that Darcy has asked me to London. Know that you are always in my heart, my darling. I will be home to you and Sarah as quickly as I can. All my love, Charles

Thank you, my love.  Do not worry, I will rest.  The end of May cannot come soon enough!  I know, my dearest, that you would love to stay at Netherfield with us.  But I also understand that we must share you, mustn’t we?  Love, Jane

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askcatherinebennet asked: Dearest sister, I am glad to see that you are better after the incident. I hope to see you soon. Perhaps we may get our family together again one day. For I dearly miss all my sisters. Yours, Kitty

Dear Kitty,  Thank you.  I look forward to your arrival to Netherfield.  It has been so lonely without Charles.  I miss the family as well.  It saddens me greatly that we have seemed to lose contact.  -Jane

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My Dear Followers,

I hope you have all been well.  Charles, Sarah, and myself are all very well.  It is hard to believe that my little Sarah is already a full month past her first birthday.  Charles is doing well, although he must leave once again for London.  Sarah and I shall miss him dearly, but business promises not to take him for very long at this time of year.  He has told me that perhaps he will be gone from March to the end of May.  Still, it is much too long a time for my liking.  I have recovered well from the unfortunate incident earlier this year.  Perhaps it was simply not the right time for another child.  Well, it is time for Sarah and I to take a walk in the garden.  She has been looking forward to this for many days now.  So like her Aunt Lizzie in that way.  I am sure that when she is old enough she will walk just as much and as far as her beloved Aunt.

Jane Bingley

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askcatherinebennet asked: Jane, It is good to see you again. I shall stay here with you at Netherfield until you throw me back to Mama and Papa, how does that sound. I see you have heard from Lizzy. I am relieved that she is well. Kitty

Kitty, It is wonderful to see you as well.  Of course you may stay here for as long as you wish.  I would love it.  I am relieved, too.  She had me worried.  Jane

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askcatherinebennet asked: Jane, I am glad to hear that Ms. Stanton is a wonderful help. I do hope you are getting more rest as of late, and that there is a little improvement to your health. Have you heard from our sisters lately? I do miss them. Yours, Kitty


Thank you, yes, she is energetic and able to keep up with Sarah, and I find she is also a lovely addition to our household in general.  I have been getting more rest, but my health is not improving as I would like it to.  I do not wish to worry Charles, but I have concerns about the baby.  I have not heard from our sisters.  I miss them as well.  I do wonder if they’re okay. 



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I apologize for not updating!  Ms. Stanton is a wonderful nursemaid, and Sarah seems quite happy.  I am so grateful that Charles and Kitty insisted that I hire a nursemaid, as my health as not improved very much.  The baby is okay, but the doctor has said that I should limit my activity whenever possible.  I cannot believe that in only five months, I will meet my second child!

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